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Starting Out with Double Entry Accounting...   

Double Entry Payoll Account Example...

Creating accounts is very easy just type in the account name and then the account number (Folio)
(whole account number are control accounts, decimals are sub accounts.)

In the above sample we have created a control account  -  'Salary Expenses'
and then added separated sub accounts for each of the employees.

The last thing to do is select the TYPE of account. The above 'Payroll - Sam Jones' is an
expense account. So select the expense button.

That's it, now you are ready to create the entries.

Entering in Entries

Creating Accounts
Entering Entries
1st - put in the Entry No (Reference Number) this can be anything from the number on the cheque or
invoice to creating you own. So you can track down the document later, if need to be.

2nd - Now insert the date of entry. This can be selected or entered in manually.

3rd - Reconcile can be used later to check off the entry with the help of bank statements

4th - Selecting an account can be done by entering in the account (Folio) number or by typing in part of the
account or by using the combo box.

5th - Now enter in the amounts. A little calculator icon when pressed will help in adding up a compound entry.

Sample Journal Entries by Accounts

Displaying General Journal Entries
All or select account journal entries can be shown at once.

Click on any of the Journal entries to be edited.

All entries can be exported.

Creating T-Account Ledgers

Creating T-Account Ledgers
By Selecting the T-Account menu item a T-Account Ledger is created.

Selected Account entries can be transformed into T-Account Ledgers.

Just select the chosen account to show the entries in the T-account.

Select entry display edit selected entry.

A Running Balance Ledgers

Creating a Running Balance Ledger
By Selecting the Running Balance menu item a Running Balance ledger is created.

Use Combo box to select the chosen account to show as a running balance.

Select ledger entry to edit.

Sample Trial Statement

Creating Statements
Select required menu item to generate one of simplest but efficient statement.

Select from Trial, Income, Comparative and Balance Sheets

Select Left (Running) or Right (T-Account) mouse button on statements account entries to see the account ledgers.

Sample Comparative Statement

Sample Balance Sheet

Rolling and Depreciation Calculator's

To use the Rolling Balance Calculator just enter in each of the numbers to be add.

With the Reducing Balance Calculator just enter in the cost of the asset to be depreciated by the % and years.
Rolling and Depreciation Calculator's

Double Entry Accounting Software Solution                                               
Here each account can
have it own details and
address label for printing
invoices and running