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Other Features of Photo Filter Factory

Has all the features of common paint program but designed with photo filtering in mind with
over 4,700 different high quality separate graphical filters and effects to choose from, like
Aged Pager, Alien Moon, Bamboo, Black Marble, Cloudy Sky, Cobble Stone, just to name
a few, each with a choice of a such added effects like light depth and glass effects.      
Cobble Stone Filter applied
using the (Clear Setting)       
Chess Board Filter applied
using the (Clear Setting)       
Select Area Filtered with
Aged Paper using the
(Color Setting)       
Select Area Filtered with
Aged Paper using the
(Clear Setting)       
Convert and resize any number of images at once to BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF,  TGA or GIF all
converted images will be place in their own directory.        
Included Batch Converter       
Select each or all the Images
in a directory to be covered.       
Select the scale size for the
selected images.       
Press to convert
each image to any
selected directory.       
Display any conversion errors.       
(Less than 1 per Filter)   
Over Photoshop Style Plugins       
Choose from over 2,900 (.8BF) included filter plugins with all sort of
different but crazy effects, with the added abilities of a user adding
their own or choosing from thousands of downloadable freeware
plugins from the net.       
Inbuilt Photo Effects       
By using the shading menu item a user can create add effect like
creating a 3D push down button or raised button.

A user can also load a picture file which can also be applied as
a filter.       
Below by using the tool bar window we have applied selected areas of a image with a few different filter effects.      
Designing Photo Scripts       
By combining multiple filters at once in one process a user can
design their own unique filter style.       
Sample Alpha Works Plugin       
Over 1,800 different Graphical Filters to choose from...
Over 2,900 Photoshop Style (.8bf ) Plugin Filters...
Batch convert a directory of images to any format and size...
Image Resizing, Cropping, Flipping, Turning, Scaling...
Changing of Image Brightness, Blurring, Glassing...
Add Pond Ripple or Lens Flair Effects...
Customising of scripts to create multiple filtering...
Fade Top - Bottom, Left - Right...
Set filter image by color...
Add and use any number of Photoshop Plugin filters (.8bf )
Create Scripts to apply a number of filter layers       
Photo Filter Factory Features       
Supports GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, PCX, TGA, WMF, EMF and TIFF file formats...       
  Filter Regions can be selected
  Paint using simple sizable Pen, Line, Square and Circle controls
  Select a color from picture or form a 64,000 color palette
  Zoom in and out using magnified editing.
All with the added ability of filter preview selection...

New Version 12 :

  Image White and Black Balance...
  Image Retouch...
  Create thousands of different frame filters...    
Selected file type       
2000, XP, VISTA, 7, 8    
Selected filter
for frame or image       
Clear / Color
Filter Brightness       
Frame Size
Frame Added using Wooden Grooved Frame script which consists of 3 layers of filtering...       
Add 8 Pixel Frame       
Filter Image or selected Area       
Designing Filter Scripts   
By using one filter after another you can create a very different effect or frame..       
By using the Script Editor we have created the Wooden Grooved Frame Script. The script
is made up of three border effects By using the 'Add border' button.

By clicking it once we add the first effect.
By clicking it a second time we add the second effect.
By clicking it a third we add the third effect.    
Click to
(Set to Aged Paper, Brightness 50%, Grooved, 32 Pixels frame)       
(Set to Aged Paper, Brightness 50%, Grooved, 32 Pixel frame)       
(Set to Aged Paper, Brightness 10%, Dark-Light , 8 Pixels frame
As Showen Above)    
Click to
Click to
and save
Retouching an Image    
By using the retouch (Green) color on the tool box and then by using the 'Retouch...'  menu item,
a user can correct minor error or remove minor objects from a image.    
Image Error    
Apply the (Green) Retouch Color    
Use the 'Retouch...' Menu Item    
The retouching is done by replacing the green retouch mask with the surrounding pixels
of the masked area.