Double Entry Account 6, 64bit designed for new systems...

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With thousands of so called bulky accounting software out there in today's market,
most seem easy to use with their fancy invoices, cheque writers and other such fancy
function all with unknown fixed standards and settings, most catering for small retail
businesses hiding all the accounting functions behind in the background, often using
the dreaded single entry accounting system.

These systems may be a God sent to an unwitting user but turned out to be a nightmare
for an accountant, making their job very difficult or just impossible to find money, retrieve
transactions or do new complex transaction that are needed in the everyday changing
working life of a business.

The double entry system has been around since the thirteenth century, developed by and used by Venetian trading merchants, still
is the chief accounting system used today and with most of the basic ideas remaining essentially unchanged.

The 'Double Entry Software System' is so straight forward leaving no new learning curve. No need for three month training cycles
in learning an alien piece of software and dealing with constantly out of date software due to changes in the endless cycle of
changing tax regulations and the sea of other complex entries.

With Double Entry Accounting all the users basic accounting needs and functions are met using the pure double entry bookkeeping
methods. Double Entry Accounting keeps entirely to its origins making the Venetian traders feel right at home. Once the Double
Entry Software has been easily setup a genuine 70 year old accountant or bookkeeper will know exactly what to do and how to do it
with next to no training.

Designed with strength and endurance in mind, the software itself is very light. Using less
memory. The software guarantees itself to be one of the safest system on today's landscape,
leaving no strain on the computer system or it's resources.                       
ouble Entry Accounting   

Double Entry Accounting Start

Most other Accounting Software is very hard to see inconsistencies through the maze of
layered buttons and windows. Currently there is over 5,000 such applications on today's
market, without any standards in doing things. 99% of these software are alien to most
accountants and bookkeepers leading to fraud and mistakes going undetected. Some
accountants will not even deal with such a client with such alien piece of software.        
Full Chart of Accounts customization at any given time...                 
Finding and Displaying all or selected journal entries by account and date...                                                                           
Since Double Entry Accounting uses memory and not the hard disk to process entries you have speed and the ability to add and edit
up to 30,000 accounts at anytime. Don't need payroll or cash accounts don't create them. Need separated client accounts, just
create them one at a time. Need stock, inventory or special resources accounts just add them.
(Each account is design to be a control or sub account of the control account.)        
The Double Entry Accounting custom journal entry window will show all journal entries by selected account or account date.
Entries can also search by entries notes or number in record time.                                                                           
T-Accounts / Running Balance Ledgers...                                                                           
Generate full standardize T-Account and Running balance ledgers from any account in lightning speed. If there is any mistakes
or fraud going on it will be easy uncovered with a keen eye.                                                                           
Generate Standardize Trial Balances...                 
Frustrated in dealing with complex hard to understand Trial balances. Double Entry Accounting will create simple 'in your face'
Trial balance with or without sub accounts up to any selected date of a financial year, Email or Export to Excel.                                                     
Generate authentic Income Statement...                 
No manipulated income statement here. Double Entry Accounting uses one straight forward income statement that can be
produced by any date of the financial period, Email or Export to Excel.                                                     
Generation of any number of Balance Sheets in a simple but effective form...                 
Double Entry Accounting can create multiple balance sheets in different windows by any given date for comparison checking.                                                                           
Rolling Balance, Depreciation and Payroll Calculators...         
The Rolling Balance calculator will check a list of figures just by typing them in, allowing for change at any time. With the
included Depreciation Calculator, a user can calculate years of reducing depreciation in seconds.         

Pure Double Entry Accounting Software

See Fraud in plain Sight

Simple, Fast and Efficient...               

Detect Fraud and Inconsistencies

Operating Since 1989                    
Double Entry Accounting will survive the past, present and the future...
Since the thirteenth century the double entry system has been main method of accounting
in business and taught at nearly all universities, schools and colleges since then. This will
not change for another thousand years.

All versions of Double Entry Accounting Software are designed purely on the double entry
accounting method and will never go out of date.

Add, Remove, Customize and Merge Accounts at any given time, NO need for expensive yearly
system and software upgrading due to new taxes or rebates.

Double Entry Accounting will be there for the future

Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, NT, Vista, 7, Linux WinE and 64bit Compatible

Accounting Master 9
Accounting Master has been rewritten ground up with full integration of multiple users support and is designed
to be a business work horse, with a newly design efficient user interface for screen sizes 1024x768 or above.

Accounting Master software will now grow with the needs of the business.
License hundreds of concurrent users when needed                
Accounting Master can be used by hundreds of different users from a single computer
or memory stick to a network drive.  

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Six levels of Administration privilege                 

No more Installing, Setups, Windows Registries                 
Need an independent accountant to add new tax accounts, close existing account
or do a reconciliation, just add them to the user list with the selected password and
copy the Double Entry Accounting files to a thumb drive and then send on. When they
are finished with the accounts, just use the new files.       
Each entry is now signed by the user                 
Each entry is now signed by each of the user who has done the entry and signed again by the user who has reconciled the entry.
There will be no mistake in who is moving the money where and who is doing the efficient work and who is slow and slack
or cannot do their job, users can see each other work at any time.       
A level 1 user can add users or shut users out or select what accounts the user can access. A payroll officer will want only access to
the payroll accounts and not access to asset management account.or equity account. This goes all the way down to Level 6 which
can only view accounts.   
No more loading or saving account files.                 
Each entry is record live by each of the users. No more messy clicks, menus or saving. Daily backups can be made at anytime by
Copying the Double Entry Accounting directory with users, accounts and entry files to any drive or thumb stick.       
Easy Account Setup                 
All the common accounts are now set up and ready to go. Extra local and sub accounts can
be added and deleted on setup...               
My online Accounting Cloud Solution is Free ???                    
Like all cloud they are free for the first few years to get you hooked and wham they now charge $20 per month per user fee and then
$40 the next and so on. Now there is nothing you can do all the data is tied up on their server in their custom data format. The users
are now at the developers mercy and has no choice except pay or lose the data.

Personally most cloud system run like a slug, they stack too many accounts per server when a user posts an entry it may take up to
five seconds to post and if the server is too busy you have to keep re-posting. To retrieve a balance sheet is even worst it may take up
to ten minutes or longer for the CPU to process the data and send the report depending on the number of other users accessing
the server.

Every new computer has a speedy CPU these day why not use it. Instead of using one CPU between hundreds of users in some
foreign land depended on the internet with other people watching over it...
Include Batch Entries                 
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Double Entry Accounting 7.5 Standard               
Export Data to Accounting Master...  
Need upgrading to a multiuser environment all account data can be exported and
upgraded to Version 8MU.       
Designed for Windows XP, NT, Vista, 7, 8, Linux WinE...

Double Entry Accounting 8mu Windows 8 Tablet Screen Shot

Version 8MU tablet screen shot           
*Commercial licence must be purchased for commercial use
By using the Include entries button a user can enter a group of preset entries in one click, instead of re-entering
them over and over again. An example would be a full time payroll with a thousand workers that need to be paid every
fortnightly on the same day. It would take forever to enter in all these entries on the day one by one. Instead a user will
only have to set them up once and when they are needed to be entered in again. The user just has to select the group of 
entries and the second Include button.