Double Entry Accounting Account Settings Screen Shot

Setting up Double Entry Accounting Defaults.

Ezyware Software

Setting up the Accounts and Configurations                                                
5) Your business name will add a bold label to printouts.

6) Your business Address will add label under the business name labels for invoices and running ledger
statements.This may include business addresses, phone number, company number, See Payroll.acc sample.

7) The number decimal places each statement should use.

     0 - No decimals
     0.0 - 1 decimal place
     0.00 - 2 decimal places.
     0.000 - 4 decimal places.

8) Select how to display the date, Default uses current Windows settings

9) Change the font type and character set.

10) Password account file.

11) Password all risky functions like delete entry. Plus only the last ten entries can be changed at anytime
      unless password is provided.

12) Auto save, will saves every newly added entries when the new entry button is pressed.
                    (Delete Entries and Account changes and other such changes still need to be saved manually)

13) A custom entry number will increase by one when a new entry is added.
Select a decimal or a
' - ' sign character
for sub accounts.
1) Flexible selecting, editing, inserting, deleting, and labeling of accounts to how you want them at any given
    moment of time. (Double Entry Account allow up to 30,000 control or sub accounts.)

2) Give a folio number to each account, use a decimal or - to create a sub account.

3) Each create account has it own TYPE grouping to create efficient income statements and balance sheets..

    Revenue, Expense and Cost Of Goods will refer to the income statement.
    All other account types like 'Current Asset' and 'Non Current Asset' will appear on the balance sheet.
   Other - Account type will only show up in the trial balance. (Design for unique accounts like foreign holdings)

4) Each account can have its own set of notes detailing information about the account. This may include
    customer account details,Tax numbers, payroll numbers, bad debt and any other notations.

5) Printed Invoices and running statements will print account address details in header.
Double Entry Accounting Software Solution                                                                
Easy Accounts Setup :
Default Setting for Current Account :