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Business Application Software Development Kit is design to develop a custom business solution in record time for all
Windows platforms. Designed for big to small businesses..             
Small Project Costs Comparison...         
Application 1                 
Name, Address                 
Application 2                 
Application 3                 
Application 4                 
Application 5              
Application 6                 
Application 7                 
Application 8                 
Name, Address                 
Name, Address                 
Layout Interface            
Set data types
and processes
Develop Outputs,
Custom Files formats, reports, emails,
PDF, web pages, printers,
CSV, Excel       

Windows Xp, NT, Vista and 7 Recommended 32bit and 64bit compatible..

A qualified BA-SDK do it yourself user can create compile a custom business application in less than a couple of hours....      
Multiple users can
Copy and Paste XML
1 to 100+ different
individual developed
custom applications...           

Save money and time...

Business Application SDK V4.0...       
Share and Share a Like...         
Develop Application's For XP,VISTA,7,8   
* Windows XP, NT, Vista, 7, 8 - Recommended


Custom Project

BASDK Project









Average cost per gained client, DIY N/A.




Airline, hotels, travel time, DIY N/A.




BASDK allows for development in front of customer in realtime




Programmer (20 days), BASDK (1 day)

Beta Testing



BASDK functions have been tested.

Teaching / Documents



BASDK application are simple to use.





Company Overhead











Half the time / half the cost, happy clients.