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Do I pay a one time license fee ?  

Licenses are not transferable but YES it is a one off payment only.
(All licenses are supplied on USB Drive )  

Are upgrades free ?                               

Yes all upgrades are free and readily accessible anytime.                               

Are there system limits ?                               

Accounting Master is a very solid product and will work on most
Windows™ systems within in their limits.                 

Accounting Master is a specialist accounting tool and has a small
market space and does not compare with other accounting
products, sorry but we cannot offer any discounts.                    

Refund Policy :                                       

Try it 100% before buying, All sales are final.                          

On starting, Accounting Master will initially create a basic set of US
accounts. These accounts can be all adjust or removed to suite
the country of origin.                            

Loss of this information will require a re-purchase.                           

Is there a multiple user version ?                    

There are 3 different version BASIC, PRO with extra reports and
functionality and COMMERCIAL which is a multiple user version..                    

Can I get a discount ?                    

Which country accounts are used ?                               

When downloaded from the net AM doesn't need installing and can
be run anywhere but Windows Defender or other virus killers may
display warning screens when running the software for the first time.  

Problem Running Accounting Master!  

How to navigate threw the Windows Defender Warning Screens..