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Ezyware Software
8 June 2013 - The Changing Software Market
The software market is changing by the day for us to compete with these new market forces, we have now dropped all
the expensive advertiser, suppliers and have put a stop to all retail store sales and expensive middle man marketing people.

Allowing us to provide you the customer with the lowest cost price point with reductions of 85%+ within keeping our full
bug support and site partners.

Since our software is so native and pure and does not use any Microsoft special function with could be depreciated at any
time with every Microsoft update (This is the reason why most other software does not work). Microsoft has reinsured us
that our software will work for the next nine years.

Making out software work with Windows'95, 98, NT,  ME, XP, Vista, Linux WinE, 7, 8 and above....
(SORRY Windows RT users need to make their own code signing arrangements)
11 July 2013 - BEWARE OF WAREZ
It has come to our attention some users want to save a tiny few dollars by downloading and using Patch or Pirated
Versions of our software opening their computer up to spyware, adware, ransom ware and even laws suits violations.
This will end up costing hundred of dollars in wasted time and energy to correct. Who knows why on earth would a user,
use this infectious dangerous software versions when you can now buy a clean licensed original for a few dollars it still
confounds us. So remember to stay clean.
12 July 2013 - High Level OF TRUST
Over the years we have seen other projects coming out from India and China without supplying the source code to the
software houses which commissioned them. Some of this software turning out to be part virus, others turning out to be
ransom ware, including all sorts of nasties and kill switches. More and more software houses and not just in the US
are churning out all sorts of Freeware, Dollarware with Addware and other nasties just to produce some revenue.

At Ezyware Software I personal check and compile each line of code from all sources making personally sure that their is
not one line out of place from my little office situated in Australia.

I personally guarantee that our "Try it", Demo or Full version do not carry any sort of adware, spyware or nasties if it is coming
from us or our now single Trusted software supplier BMTmicro..

All our software is very finely tuned over the many years and bugs are very rare. If a user has any concerns or personally
finds something wrong, Please feel free to email me personally. I am in the office most of the time. (Eastern standard time)
9 November 2013 -  All software is supported to new levels
All software is made from the purest form of coding and we will work in any standard Windows platform and beyond
until Windows will no longer be Windows.

Due to 99% of support calls are now spam calls clogging up our phone system, Only requested phone support is available
to all registered users. Email support is the same as usual all email are answered within 24 hours. (no reply / check your
blocking or spam box)

10 November 2015 -  Prices will soon increase 100%
Microsoft is now pushing all software to be code signed. The time, paperwork, lawyers and 30% selling expense  on top
of yearly fees. Just to be approved and sell will double the cost of our software. Currently code signing will just make an
ugly Microsoft warning look pretty and is required to run on software on Windows 8 RT, with MS new push to RT this will
be a requirement for all new future system.

So please don't support this Window RT push. By not buying a system with Windows RT.

Today's prices will not be tomorrows.
12 August 2014 - Dropped Download.com as partner
We have dropped Download.com, too many users pressing the big green download button and not the tiny direct link
displayed. Making our software looking like it will contain Crapware. When a user presses the wrong option while
using download downloader.

Since this may strain or slow our web site, please try again downloading it at a less busy time.
Microsofts the good bad and ugly code signing systems
The good, code signed software can be turned off by the net if found to be a virus or spyware, but usually too late.
The bad, anyone's software can be turned off at anytime if not so deemed fit by 2rd parties or 3rd parties. The buyer does
not have control in keeping the software in the future if the company does goes broke, gets taken over by a big fish or
someone falsely claims it as nasty. The ugly side is business have to pay up to $400 a year to maintain the system.

Since Windows RT is a lock system, users will have to sign the software themselves or have no access.
1 Feb 2012 - The need for stable, leaner, efficient software

       Other software companies keep adding unnecessary features and functions to their products, making them bloated,
       unreliable, and ever more complicated with each new version. These products are the result of shoddy code writing,
       mostly because they want to put their product on the market in the shortest possible time. In this case, users are left to
       foot the bill for the newer and more expensive hardware and software framework their products require.
       Ezyware Software is a now smaller, leaner, privately owned company whose programmers and executives take pride in
       producing small, safe, fast, and efficient software applications. Our dedication to creating high quality, compact and
       user-friendly software applications allows us to offer our clients products that run leaner and faster on even the
       busiest, cluttered systems. This is especially true among users whose PC's runs MS Windows® Vista, which takes up to
       1 GB of memory along with and other large programs such as virus scanners, browsers, chat, and other similar RAM
       eating applications. Because of these bloated soft wares, these users end up with very slow systems where every little
       bit of speed and memory count.