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Ezyware Software

Operating Since 1989   
Product List                                      
Accounting Master 9.1   
Touchbase Developer V1.0            
With a little know how a user can layout and develop their very own
Window 8 Tablet software with this rapid user friendly Windows based
application assembly environment that enables a user to efficiently
build a suitable solutions in hours instead of months with no computer
programming knowledge necessary.            
Ezypage V20 : Industrial Edition  
Is one of the best low cost all in one user friendly electronic
document creation software. Incorporating all the best features
from six of best software packages in today's market, from
creating HTML, PHP web sites to developing Portable Document
File (PDF) files or compiled executable E-books with up to six
hundred pages in record time.         
Photo Filter Factory 12.3 : Image Processor  
All the features of common paint program but with over 1,800
graphical filters and effects like Aged Pager, Alien Moon, Bamboo,
Black Marble, Cloudy Sky, Cobble Stone, just to name a few, each
with a choice of a light depth and glass effects.

All images can be save as GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP and TIFF file
formats. Batch image converter with over Optional 2,900 Photoshop
Style (.8bf ) Plugin filters are also included.            

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Batch File Renamer 8.4      
With Batch File Renamer a user can rename and change any number of filenames, extensions and
attributes at once with no messy installing. Just run and delete afterwards. NO MESSY SETUP.

All results are shown in the destination filenames before the renaming process begins. Options for the
selection of upper or lower case renaming is also provided. All filenames can also be sorted by date,
time and name; ready to be renamed in theselected order.

Created destination filenames can be replace or altered before the renaming process begins.        

Sales & Support

Sales & Support

Sales & Support
This pure double entry software system is so straight forward leaving no new
learning curves. No need for long training cycles learning an alien piece of software
and dealing with constantly out of date software due to changes in the endless cycle
of changing accounting regulations and the sea of other complex entries.

Developed for business who need a fast custom accounting software solution.

All accounts can be displayed as a T-Account, Running Balance Ledgers, Trial
Balances, Income statements and Balance Sheets in a simple but effective form.

Sales & Support
(Recommended and used by 12 Governments and over 300 Corporations)                                  

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Information Double Entry Accounting Software...

Version 20 produces mobile browser friendly html Code
Super Calculator 8
Add, subtract, multiple, divide a large list of numbers with enlarged
designed buttons for the touch pad surface or the desktop mouse.
each tabulation and operation can be edited at any time.

Super Calculator is standalone no installing and also has the added ability
to add extra custom editable buttons with their own formulated functions.


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CSV Financial V1.0   
is a novelty spreadsheet application with the main aim is to add
rows and columns. (no installing, use anywhere)

Other spreadsheets application have so many features and
functions a basic user who know nothing about software having
to navigate symbol buttons, crazy menus, seemed to get so
lost and stress in the process of finding their way through the maze of functions.

A user of transitional spreadsheet software would have to learn to navigate and find their way by
going to collage, university or else by spending hours studying base materials just to insert a new
row or column.

CSV Financial will cater for those 35% of users who donít need a full blown application with a
steep expensive training cycle to create a simple grannies shopping list.   


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All Software is Window XP, NT, Vista, 7, 8, 10, WinE Compatible

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Sales & Support

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All low cost sales are handled by BMTmicro Inc
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